About You & Your Company

You do not need to answer all the questions but the more detail that you can supply will make it easier to gather content when it comes to building your website

How did your company start? How old it is? Where is it located?

What is your main product or service? Please describe how it works?

Who are your customers, are there trends such as age, gender, location, occupation, business type?

About Your Website

Does your company already have a website? Are you on social media?

Please list up to 3 websites in any industry that you like.

Please list up to 3 sites belonging to your competitors.

Please describe your likes and dislikes about their sites.

If you have branding what colours, fonts, styles do you use?

If there is no current identity please let me know your preferred colour schemes and font styles. Also let me know if you have any firm dislikes in terms of colours. If you have a logo, we will need you to send it to us via email.

Is the content ready for the site?

This includes text, images and other media. If not, how soon will it be ready?

Do you have a site structure planned?

If possible please provide a list of pages you would like to include.

What absolutely must be on the homepage?

What is the order of priority?

What website features do you want to have?

What will the website actually do/include? What functionality will it include?

Do you plan to sell online?

Online sales will involve an eCommerce website.



Will you require a blog?

You will be able to feed your social media accounts to your blog page.



Do you wish to integrate social media?

Such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+? Do you have any ideas as to how you would like to see this on your site?

What are the keywords for the search engines?
What would people type into Google search to find your site?

What would people type into Google search to find your site?

What staff will be involved with running the site?

Do they have experience with content management systems and editing? Do they have experience with websites, HTML?

Do you have a budget?

What is your deadline for project completion?

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questionnaire.

This will help us to understand your requirements and provide you with an accurate quote.

Please send the questionnaire & we will get back to you shortly.